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Sidwell Seed has been an OCIA certified seedwheat producer for over 15 years. Each year, Sidwell Seed selects the latest Foundation seed releases from the leading Land Grant institutions that are suitable for both seed and forage grazing. Keeping current on the new releases and building registered stocks of the best performers, Sidwell Seed provides you with the access to the best-in-class in seed genetics. With multiple varieties of cleaned seedwheat available in overhead storage facilities that are semi-accessible, located off State Highway 45, Sidwell Seed is set up for quick loading in any condition.

Sidwell Seed is excited to announce becoming a WestBred Seed Dealer! Call to reserve your order for any of the WestBred wheat varieties today!

This Year's Offering of Pedigreed Seedwheat

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Keeping It Clean Important Notice for Buyers and Sellers of Seed

The Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) is a non-profit association of seed producers and others interested in the production and distribution of high quality planting seed. OCIA is designated by Oklahoma State University as the seed certification agency for the State of Oklahoma in accordance with the Oklahoma Seed Laws. The agency is responsible for the development and distribution of rules, regulations, and standards for all certification of seed & other propagating materials in the state. OCIA is an active member of the international Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) which established minimum certification standards for all crops.

State and Federal law prohibit unauthorized persons from selling or otherwise distributing patented seed to other parties. This includes grower-to-grower exchanges whereby the seller is not a certified seed grower. For further information, please contact the OCIA.

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